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New Agreement Expands Availability of Futuristic Floor Cleaners for 80 Percent Reduction in Labor Costs

Bay City, Mich. – Oct. 10, 2011 –Arnold Sales has signed a distribution agreement with Intellibot Robotics (“Intellibot”), the world’s leading manufacturer of robotic commercial floor cleaners. Arnold Sales, a janitorial sanitation product retailer, will add all three of Intellibot’s autonomous floor cleaning robots to its product line-up and provide Intellibot with greater access to theeducation, healthcare, industrial, hospitality and professional facilities markets.

“We’re pleased to add Intellibot to our roster. Intellibot’s robotic floor cleaners are the next generation of cleaners that can really help our customers reduce cleaning costs,” said Dana Kowalski, ICE-GB, Director of Marketing for Arnold Sales.  “Use of these robots will significantly improve maintenance department efficiencies across a range of industries in Michigan.”

With the new agreement, Arnold Sales will offer all three Intellibot robotic floor cleaner models: the AeroBot, a vacuum; the HydroBot, a floor scrubber; and the DuoBot, a combination sweeper and scrubber. Each robot contributes to 80 percent reduction in labor costs and 85 percent reduction in water and cleaning solutions fees.

“Arnold Sales offers Intellibot a great opportunity to reach more potential buyers in the education, healthcare, industrial and hospitality industries,” said Erick Frack, president of Intellibot. “We’re very pleased about this agreement and the expansion of our dealer network around the U.S. to bring more efficiency, accountability and sustainability to facilities maintenance.”

About Arnold Sales
Headquartered in Bay City, Arnold Sales has been serving Michigan’s janitorial and sanitation needs since 1957 with branch warehouses in Detroit and Holland. Arnold Sales’ account specialists are experts in cleaning, disinfection, floor coatings and environmentally preferred products. The company’s service markets include education, healthcare, industrial, hospitality, professional and places of worship.

About Intellibot Robotics:

Intellibot Robotics is the world’s leading manufacturer of robotic commercial floor cleaners. A privately held company, Intellibot maintains engineering and manufacturing operations in Richmond, Va.; a corporate office in Portland, Ore.; and sales and service teams throughout the U.S. With more than 20 years of robotics research and development, Intellibot has emerged as an industry leader featuring a full line of autonomous, technologically advanced robotic floor cleaning solutions. For more information, please visit:


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"District helps custodial staff work more efficiently"
By Jennifer Kopsch
C & G Staff Writer

Clawson Public Schools frequently provides professional development training for its teachers, administrators and Board of Education members, and recently, the district expanded its efforts to offer new learning opportunities to its custodial staff. According to Superintendent James Pinsoneault, the district has been working with a new company, Arnold Sales, to purchase cleaning supplies. Previously, the district used several companies, and each building would use different products, which sometimes caused confusion when dealing with vendors. Once their current stock is used up, all buildings in the district will use the same products, from paper towel dispensers to window cleaner.

“We had all these companies that we used and it made sense to do one-stop shopping,” said Pinsoneault. Arnold Sales offered comparable prices, did an assessment of the district’s previous equipment, and provided training for the entire custodial staff. According to Pinsoneault, the training was similar to some of the professional development opportunities other district employees receive. “They learned more ways to be efficient,” said Pinsoneault. “They loved it … It’s been a win-win already.” Training included a lesson on proper sanitation and instruction on how the district’s new paper towel and soap dispensers should be loaded. “I believe it’s beneficial having people like that come in,” said Dave Underhill, a custodian at Schalm Elementary. “It’s particularly good for some of the new people.” Pinsoneault said that a few of the district’s administrators also sat in on part of the training. “It’s a district-wide initiative and it’s really pretty cool,” he said, adding that working with Arnold Sales will allow the custodial staff to “work smarter” and more efficiently, and may also save the district money.

The custodial staff is welcoming the change, too, especially since past financial problems in the district had caused some uncertainty about their jobs. “It’s kind of nice because it seems like [the district] is taking a little more interest in our kind of work,” said Underhill. “It’s kind of a good sign for us.” Underhill also said he anticipates the custodial staff will have additional training opportunities in the future.

Posted with permission as article appeared in the Royal Oak Review newspaper.




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